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  • I Have Invented a New Game delivery technology

  • What does Uplay1 mean?

  • Uplay1 means .......

  • One Live Dealer, Infinite Players, Same Odds

  • Any number of players play "Against The Dealer" at a Blackjack Table

  • Any number of players play "Against Each Other" at a Poker Table

About Uplay1

Uplay1™ has introduced a new game delivery system to the gaming and entertainment industries using an innovative class of Random Number Generators (“RNG”), blending the randomness of a dealer’s deck of cards with a digital RNG. Uplay1’s game delivery system and methodology is accretive to gaming operators, it introduces a new propagation technique for games such as poker, blackjack and bingo. Uplay1™enables gaming operators to mass market their live games to remote players in an unprecedented way. For card games such as poker and blackjack, Uplay1™ allows one dealer to host infinite number of players, and for ball draw type games such as bingo, Uplay1™ eliminates bingo’s inherent constraint of requiring game participants to play all at the same time. Uplay1’s gaming system incrementally increases an online gaming’s profit without cannibalizing its existing business. Uplay1’s hybrid RNG is ideal for new player development.

About The Founder

Bruce Merati has over 30 years of experience in gaming, technology, accounting and finance. Bruce Merati currently serves as CEO of Uplay1™ and Session Gaming, LLC a licensed Nevada gaming manufacturer and distributor. Bruce Merati’s professional experience started with 7 years at the London office of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) and his gaming career goes back to the early days of Internet gaming as CFO and CEO of VirtGame Corp; a public company founded in 1997, one of the first Internet gaming service providers. VirtGame later transitioned into land based gaming technology with focus on race and sports book software and pioneered Nevada style sever-based slot machine technologies.


Internet Gaming 2.0

  • Uplay1™ RNG

    Scale up any game - Offer Live Games to Online Players

    Hybrid Gaming

    One Physical RNG such as a Blackjack Shoe, a Deck of Cards or a Ball Blower allows any number of players to participate at the same game.

  • Uplay1™ Poker

    For Mass-Market Distribution - TV/Internet Broadcasting

    Uplay1™ Poker

    One Dealer hosing infinite number of virtual tables and players, all using the dealer’s common cards. Also ideal for player development through second screen technology, i.e. broadcast on TV or the Internet as the first screen and players’ devices as the second screen.

  • Uplay1™ Blackjack

    Hybrid Blackjack - Scale up your Table

    Uplay1™ Blackjack

    One Dealer hosting infinite number of game participants playing Blackjack against the dealer, all having the same odds as if they were playing live at the dealer’s table.

  • Uplay1™ Bingo

    Scale up your Bingo - April 2012

    Uplay1™ Bingo

    One Caller hosting inifite number of Bingo players, eliminates Bingo's inherent session constraint of requiring game participants playing all at the same time.


2nd Shoe Gaming

Session Gaming

Session Gaming is an affiliate of Uplay1 and is a licensed Gaming Manufacturer, Distributor and Operator of Inter-Casino Linked Systems in Nevada. Session Gaming is redefining regulated gaming, introducing new technologies to converge land-based casinos with online gaming. Session Gaming’s management has over 50 years of gaming experience including, manufacturing, distribution of gaming devices as well as casino management, specializing in marketing, hotel and casino operations. Session Gaming’s executive team has deep knowledge of both gaming technology and managing land-based and online casinos.

  • 2nd Shoe Gaming

  • Session Gaming has developed a "Double Deck Shoe" with two Nevada approved Blackjack variation games.

  • 3rd Party Games and IP

  • Session Gaming helps gaming companies to get regualtory approvals and game inventors to distribute thier games and game IP within the gaming industry.

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